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Do coaches really need sales funnels or Are marketers bluffing?

96% of coaches don’t reach their business goals. 

This is because they unknowingly get on this rollercoaster of getting clients, coaching, and looking for more clients.

No matter how good a coach you are, if you are the one who keeps creating content for social media, designing posters, running ads, booking those one-on-one calls, you might find yourself in a dilemma – far from the 6 to 7 figure income.

The reason is, you’ve only limited time.

What if no time was wasted, and as you run your coaching business, there were a string of series happening in the background? It would be simultaneous, clients will be coming in night-and-day, and you wouldn’t have to know a thing.  

Wouldn’t that put everything in perspective?

*Here’s the moonwalk entrance of sales funnels.*

While you invest all your focus on doing what you do best, a sales funnel takes up the work of all the seven dwarfs – capturing leads, nurturing them, sales, follow-ups and more – that will do the selling instead of you doing it all alone

If you’ve reached this far on your own, where do you think you can reach with an automated strategic system that knows what’s best for you and works on its own? 

Sales funnels attract the right leads and turn them into paying customers. 

In coaching, a funnel is a pathway that leads your prospects into your business. 

Let me explain.

As you might already have experienced, no customer will readily buy something from you

Not just that – when it comes to your high ticket offers, a client will rightfully need a sneak peek into what you can do for them or a preview before they realise working with you will be mutually beneficial.

That’s where the sales funnel comes to your rescue. 

A sales funnel will present your most optimized offer to your ideal prospect in the most persuasive form. It will then attempt to upsell your high end offer to the customers, in order to increase the cart value. Even in the case where a customer has not opted for your program, the email automation sequence will perform follow-ups on your prospects – all on auto-pilot. 

Well, if the above facts haven’t convinced you to build your funnel, the only thing left for me to do is introduce you to it.

And in case you don’t know how to build it yourself or don’t have the time for you, have someone with the time and expertise do it for you.

You are a skilled coach. Even if designing a funnel or mapping a funnel strategy may not be one of your strong suits, that does not mean you can’t leverage one.

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