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Here Are Your Questions Answered

What is the SPX?


The spx is a way for us to conveniently trade the spreads you know and love at the same price as the stock and ETF options you already trade. For example, if you already trade SPY, then now you can add vertical spreads to your trading experience.

What is Stock trade alerts?


Stock trade alerts is a free stock trade alerts alert service that sends notifications when certain stocks hit a certain price, so you can stay ahead of the market.

What is Options trade alerts?


Options trading alert services are used by traders to make more profitable trades. They do so by notifying you when a group of experts, aided by advanced algorithms and huge sets of analyzed data come to a decision to make a particular trade.

What is a Credit Spread?


A credit spread where we sell an option at one strike and simultaneously buy an option at another. The way we use this in the SPX Spread Trader is to use a 5 pt spread between the 2 strike prices. So if we are selling a 2480 call we are purchasing a 2485 call at the same time. The beauty of this approach, By entering these two trades as a single credit spread order, there is only a single commission cost. The difference in prices between these two options provides a net credit to your account.

What is a Vertical Spread options?


A vertical spread is a type of options spread. A vertical spread combines selling and buying inside positions to create an positions in the same security with different strike prices and expiration dates.

An example of this type of strategy would be:

Buying 1 XYZ Option @ 100 Strike

Selling 1 XYZ Option @ 105 Strike

As the name suggests the width of this strategy depends on the number of premiums collected and paid. The width is determined by the number of strike prices involved in the spread (2 in this case) – however spreads of more than two strike prices are also possible. If XYZ stock is trading at $100 a share at the time of writing this article, an option to buy at $100 would cost $2 and an option to sell at $105 would be worth $1.50.

What is SPX 0DTE strategy?


The SPX (0DTE) strategy is a special financial instrument that allows companies to buy back their own stock at a much lower cost than they can on the open market. The SPX strategy has been used by companies to repurchase stock at a discount. This program allows companies to utilize their own money to repurchase their own shares, which are offered for sale at a discount through an auction process conducted by the transfer agent for such company’s equity securities.

Money Back Guarantee

InsideOptions provide a 100% money back guarantee if you do not achieve an ROI on your membership in under 20 trading days as long as you follow the system as designed and outlined in the training document.

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