SPX Income Program 

Your secret winning card to crack Options Trading

  Make predictable income on a daily basis!

Earn up to $300 in daily cash flow using our Statistical-Based Trading Strategy. Since Inception, 

we have been able to achieve an outstanding 100% success rate using an advanced series of trades.

Attributing our success to the Notorious MIT BLACKJACK TEAM!

The SPX Income Program, our statistical-based strategy was inspired by the MIT BlackJack Team.

Back in 1979, a group of MIT students known as the MIT blackjack team accumulated over $50 million in profits using an advanced strategy known as card counting. Card Counting is based on statistical evidence where if there are more low cards on the table, it increases the statistical probability of high cards to remain in the deck.

Casinos have now banned the card counting strategy by implementing a multi-shoe deck of cards. Although card counting has become much more difficult now, there are still other places in the world where you can apply similar statistics.

This is exactly what we are able to accomplish with our SPX INCOME PROGRAM.

Our strategy is backed by data and statistics, so I am so confident this strategy will work for you.

I’m offering you something no other stock trade alert service will provide.

The SPX Income Program takes advantage of Market-Efficiency Hypothesis in order to leverage a statistical-based strategy which only requires a minimum accuracy of 16% in order to generate a consistent $220 – 300 in daily cash flow.

I will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not achieve an ROI on your membership in under 20 trading days as long as you follow the system as designed and outlined in the training document.

"What Do You Know That I DON´T?"

I know what you’re thinking – 

“What can this guy teach me about trading?”  


But, If you’re still struggling to get to the 7-figure milestone while working less, 

you’ll want to pay attention…

Here are the reasons why you’ll want to take a closer look at this program:


Trading efficiently is an extremely draining task if you aren’t a professional.

Every trade is crafted here by experts, for youCarefully selecting our trades for compounding gains results in less risk per trade.

Granting you access to higher quality and safer trades without all the hassle.


Vertical spreads are a popular trading strategy because they allow us to take advantage of external factors to increase probability.

One of the biggest problems for option traders is theta decay.

Our Strategy has theta decay working for us.


Because you do not need a lot of collateral per spread this is a perfect investment for any risk level. Regardless if the market is booming or crumbling we craft trades to generate profit. This makes our trade alerts consistent and profitable collecting up to 40% per trade, 3 to 4 times per week.

SPX Income Program

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Here’s What Most People Think.

"Which Trading Strategy is the Most Profitable?"Do I need to spend thousands of hours learning how to make money with day trading?"

In many cases this is true, but now most people can just buy signals and input a couple numbers.

The real key is to find a reliable and proven source like Inside Options and then simply trade the signals.


All it takes is a recipe.

In this program you get the recipe plus a community of 170+ traders all taking profits and saving thousands of hours along the way.

Whether you’re new to options or an advanced trader, this program will compound your portfolio.

I Do All The Work For You

If you don’t understand the inner workings of the stock market,

How can you make a rational decision about trading?

That’s what you’re probably thinking, RIGHT? 

Well, you don’t have to know the underlying mechanics about my trading signals.

Just plug in the signals into your chosen trading platform and reap the rewards!

What Makes Us Different From Other Trade Signals?

Slack Group

All of the information you would ever need pertaining to option trading all happily living under one roof. Find trade alerts and ask me or other group members any questions you have.

$220-300 Profit Per Trade

My proven technique which enables you to develop a well-strategized plan to acquire consistent profits and utilize compound gains.

Get 5 Trades Per Week

We are posting trade alerts daily 5 times in a week, Our aim is to create your portfolio with a profit target of $220-300 daily. 

Want to get started?

Get Profitable Gains

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This is our certificate!


The SPX Income Program is
PERFECT for you if:

You’re looking for a hedge against inflation during rough or
questionable times.

You’ve been trying to start investing in the stock market, but you do not want brokers holding your money.

You have expendable cash that you want to work for you instead of just sitting in a 0.01% yielding savings account or taking losses on robin hood.

You have a phone, internet connection and a couple minutes every week.


SPX Income Program Is NOT For You If :

You’re looking into buying into the next trend just to make a quick buck.

You find it difficult to follow directions already laid out for you.

You don’t value a person with expertise in a subject.


Our SPX Income Program

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Hey, My Name Is
David Chau

Hi I’m David, a professional option trader and educator. I’m the founder of InsideOptions. 

As a serial entrepreneur, I became a self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 21 and earned my accredited investor status. 

I’m also an angel investor who has invested into multiple emerging and promising startups, among which, one of my portfolio companies was acquired by SPAC. I am also a partner at a venture capital fund that specializes in seed funding for silicon valley y-combinator based start ups.

My motive in launching is to help you succeed in Options Trading. I send you trading signals real-time to help you earn an average of $300 in daily cash flow. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. A system that works has already been built and has worked for hundreds of others and will work for you. 


The Majority Of People Do
Not Realize

That success in trading is more like building a house – I have to put in lots of work before I can see results. 

So I decided to change the course of action for everyone out there. What if you didn't have to put in excessive work to gain consistent profits?

And, that’s why I started sharing trade signals because I think others can benefit from this insight.

I’ve also learned to separate facts from opinions. So, instead of sharing stories about how to trade, I’ve created this program sharing signals and my knowledge. The signals are based on up-to date and live analysis that I also trade in my portfolio.

If you want to start trading, my advice is to follow your plan as soon as possible.
The earlier you start something the quicker you’ll get good… and in this case profitable.

Like I said, "There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
A system that works has already been built and has worked for hundreds of others and will work for you."


How This System Work 

Make Profits no matter where you're from


No longer do you have to go to your office to make money.
Never again do you have to miss a trip for work.
Go watch that game with your friends.
We'll do the work so all you have to do is make the trade.

Have Clarity On Profits


User's consistently share experiences and profits.
InsideOptions in the chat with key reminders.
Slack has months of chats saved for review.

Correct mistakes without having to take them!


You're positive about making a trade.
You go check Inside Options Slack Group.
Your eyes are opened to the truth...
Make a quick move and save your portfolio!

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